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Jan. 11th, 2010


in 2009 i...

[ ] stayed single
[x] got kissed
[x] kissed someone new
[x] made out
[x] made out in a car
[ ] kissed in the snow
[x] kissed in the rain
[ ] had my heart broken
[ ] broke someone else's heart
[x] had a stalker
[ ] lost a friend
[x] had a good relationship with someone
[ ] came out of my closet
[ ] got pregnant
[ ] had an abortion
[ ] got married
[ ] had a divorce
[ ] kissed someone of the same sex
[x] met someone that I will never forget
[x] did something I regret
[ ] lost my "true" love
[ ] lost faith in love
[ ] kissed under mistletoe
[ ] got a promotion
[ ] got a pay raise
[ ] changed jobs
[ ] lost my job
[ ] quit my job
[ ] dated a co-worker
[ ] dated my boss
[ ] dated my boss's son/ daughter
[ ] got fired from my job
[x] got straight A's
[x] met a teacher who I became friends with
[x] met a teacher who I really hate
[ ] found the subject I love
[ ] failed a class
[ ] cut class
[ ] skipped school
[ ] got in a fight with a classmate
[x] did something I was proud of
[x] discovered a new talent
[x] proved myself an idiot
[ ] embarrassed myself in front of the class
[ ] fell in love with a teacher
[x] was involved in something that I will never forget
[x] painted a picture
[x] wrote a poem
[ ] ran a mile 2000 times
[x] listened to music I couldn't stand
[x] double dipped
[ ] skinny dipped
[x] went to a sleepover
[ ] went to camp
[ ] threw a surprise party
[x] laughed till I cried
[x] laughed till I peed my pants
[x] flirted shamelessly
[ ] visited a foreign country
[ ] visited a foreign province
[x] cooked a disastrous meal
[x] lost something important to me
[x] got a gift I love
[x] realized something new about myself
[ ] went on a diet
[ ] tried to gain weight..
[x] dyed my hair
[ ] came close to losing my life
[ ] someone close to me died
[ ] went to a wild party
[x] drank alcohol
[x] drank alcohol underage
[x] got drunk
[ ] got arrested
[x] read a great book
[x] saw a great movie
[x] saw a movie so scary that it made me cry
[x] saw a favorite band live
[x] did something that I want to tell everyone
[x] experienced something new
[x] made new friends
[x] found out who your real friends are
[x] lied to your parents
[ ] snuck out
[ ] got in trouble with police
[ ] kissed in a pool
[ ] kissed under the stars
[ ] smoked
[ ] got wasted
[x] went to a party
[x] had the time of your life
[x] danced
[ ] fell out of love
[x] had a crush on someone
[ ] changed your sexual preference
[x] swam in a pool
[x] made a snowman
[ ] went snowboarding
[ ] went sledding
[ ] slept in past 2pm
[x] held someones hand that you care about
[ ] got wasted in a public place
[ ] got wasted in Mexico
[x] told someone you like them as more than a friend
[ ] gone on vacation
[ ] gone on vacation with a friend
[x] driven a car
[ ] played strip poker
[x] danced in the rain
[ ] got in a car accident
[x] saw someone get in a car accident
[ ] got in a fist fight
[x] laughed until you couldn't breathe
[x] missed someone
[ ] got hit by a car
[ ] sent someone to the hospital
[ ] got a new pet
[x] had an amazing year
[x] enjoyed this year overall

Aug. 19th, 2009


destruction and despair

ivy entwined around the hall
corpses, cold and pale
litter the floors

the walls are crumbling
brick to brick and stone to stone
come unglued

and the bones of the bodies
silent, stiff, and stark, are
exposed by curling, rotted flesh.

survey your damage
return to view the wreckage
 of an inheritance destroyed


and for what?


the men, the women, the children
that you killed
swarm with teeming maggots

and the house you tore down
overgrown now
and collapsing

but the hungry, gnawing holes
in the soaring walls
can never devour all your anger

and here you stand
no better for the fury that scorched this place
no happier for this ruination

for this despair.

May. 31st, 2009


"oh my God, I think I fell down."

where did the orange flowers go
why did the stairs disappear from underneath me
belly-flop along the ocean floor
scissors make a fence around me
oh my God, I think I fell down.

banana coloured rakes with tiny hats
a dance of morbid curiosity
north winding roads, south and east ones too
a corner store on a straight street opens at 12am
hey look! a yoga mat! on the ceiling!

yelling to the skies, at a cloud
for being in the wrong place at the write time
having a good time, are ya, mister cloud?
and the spots on the sun are not just my vision
if your fellow turtledoves are not in pain
trust the trysting shadows, they do not lie

a wingtip, a feather
along a wall they step and step again
foreign invaders with cause to shriek
banned papers burn in the courtyards
flailing cranes cry with ecstasy, dancing
havoc wreaked upon prevailing winds
oh my God, I think I fell down again.

sally forth, ye gates, to the sea
set sail toward the land of good things
do not injure those who fart
plates and spoons caper madly
dip your toes, but do not deep-fry

play your games of knuckle-bones
your yellow-bellied cards
o thy shining tooth, thou quail
november sings a song of lightning
as rainbows dance upon the ballroom floor
oh my God, I definitely fell down this time.

January 2010


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